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Things To Know About Different Types Of Windows

Windows are among the most significant installations in a building. They are essential because they provide natural lighting in a building. The second purpose of windows is that they are used for ventilation. A house that is not adequately ventilated with windows usually consume a lot of electricity. Many homeowners usually let the things that windows should do in a house to be done by electricity. Appliances can still not function like windows. For these reasons it is essential for homeowners to install proper windows in a building. Instead of complaining of weather changes all the time, people should ensure they install functional windows.

Different types of windows are in the market. These windows are usually dived into two major groups. One is the classification of windows in regards to the material. The other class is in regards to the mode of window opening. Windows are made of different material, and each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the material is wood. Wood is not a material that is hard to get. The best thing about wood is that it hardens with time and can be painted to look like the rest of the house. The second type of windows are the vinyl Windows. Plastic windows are on demand because they are usually flexible and people can clean them with much ease. Plastic is available in all colors, size and shape thus people can custom to the design that they need. Aluminium is strong and makes durable windows. Fiber glass material is also a material that makes windows. The best thing about these windows is they are resistant to water, pest manifestation and many more.

The other broad class of windows seeks to classify windows according to the way they open. The functionality of a window is usually determined by the mode in which the windows open. some windows are stationary and cannot open. The purpose of these windows is to provide lighting and a good view of the outdoor environment. There are various examples of fixed windows in the market they include; bay windows they contain three window panes that ensure that one gets adequate natural lighting. Among the other types of windows are, bow windows, transom windows, glass block windows. There is also another class of windows that is known as the movable windows. The best thing about this window is that they provide both lighting and fresh air. The windows are also beneficial because they are easy to clean. Example of these windows include; double and single hung windows, sliding, louvered , paneled windows, casement.

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