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Why it’s Beneficial to Use Variable Frequency Drivers

The Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) market is actually made to experience a healthy growth. These drives are actually now emerging and that they are considered as essential parts of some of the machine markets. It is used for different applications from small devices to large compressors. These are likewise power conversion devices that are in fact available as an ac drives, dc drives and servo drive.

Another thing about VFDs is that it is used in several end-use sectors that in fact includes power generation, oil and gas, infrastructure and industrial. Also, there are different benefits that can be acquired from these drives like in the sector of energy efficiency. Some of its benefits are:

Helps to Keep Starting Current in Control

VFDs can actually start the motor in zero voltage and frequency. This will help to keep a check on the motor winding heat generation and flexing. Also, it can help in extending the motor life.

Decreasing Power Line Disturbances

Voltage sags which are caused in the power line can have an effect to the voltage sensitive devices like computers, sensors and proximity switches. By using VFDs, it will help to eliminate voltage sag.

Low Power Demand on Start

The needed power for starting an AC motor is actually greater than with a VFD. In case industrial motors started during peak hours in electrical consumption, it’s common for them to get high energy rates. With a VFD, the demand is lower for the starting power and that the problem could also be addressed.

Aid in Controlling Operating Speed and Acceleration

Applications like bottling lines including the easy-to-tip products is found to acquire benefits on the gradual increase in its power. It will in fact allow the conveyor belt to rev up smoothly. It also allows the speed to be controlled remotely. Having control is speed and getting a smooth acceleration is a big benefit.

Torque can be Limited and Adjusted

VFD drives also could limit and adjust the amount of torque on the AC motor so it could not surpass the limits. Also, it could help to protect the machine from any form of damage and likewise protects the process.

Saving on Energy Costs

VFDs that regulates a pump motor which mostly runs less compared to full speed could actually cut down energy consumption through a motor running at constant speed. It can likewise help in taking away the need for mechanical drive components, which will definitely reduce the overall costs a lot. Using a VFD drive also removes the need for expensive mechanical drive components.

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